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OBLOZHKA.UZСулемин & Ко;Велоклуб"Динамо-Самарканд"

Brevet 1200км


specification, legend , Map & GPS-trek






1200 km "SILK ROUTE" marathon is the official Brevet (cycling race) and is held on base of the rules of the Paris Club of ACP.  

1 Arthur van der Lee
2 Lars Jacobsson Sweden
3 Francesco Mognetti Italia
4 Svetlana Kapranova Uzbekistan
5 Max Yakovlev Uzbekistan
6 Shamil Gareev Uzbekistan
7 Max Zavialov Russia
8 Pavel Poplavniy Uzbekistan
9 Rafhat Sulemin Uzbekistan
10 Manuel Jekel Germany
11 Nikolay Chyorniy Uzbekistan
12 Will Adams swiss/british
13 Sergey Kirgintsev Russia
14 Vadim Malakhovskiy Russia
15 Meid Germany

It takes place in the territory of Uzbekistan in accordance with the annual International Calendar of RM on the approved route and fixed schedule.


The launch window will be open from 6-00 to 7-00 on October 1th, 2013. Start and, therefore, finish are moved to Tashkent. Legend of the route.

Limit quantity of randonneurs is 50 pers.

For marathon participants, citizens of the CIS and foreign countries, there is an agreement about the booking with the hotels and campings, situated at a distance of1.5 - 2km from the launch pad. As the quantity of rooms is limited, participants are recommended to book their accommodation (for October 1-5) before August 1, 2014.

Registration of randonneurs, checkup of bicycles and equipment of participants will begin on September 30th, 2014 at 10-00 in Tashkent.

The checkpoints (CP) will be organized along the route (Djizzakh x2, Samarkand х2, Bukhara, Navoi) with the standing places, hot and cold food, shower and technical support. Delivering of personal stuff (badgrops) up to volume of 30 liters per person will also be organized to the checkpoints.

The route of 1200km cycling marathon passes through the sights of some of the most ancient cities - Samarkand and Bukhara.

Samarkand: Bibi Khanum (1399-1404 monument, the Great Mosque of Tamerlane), Registan (one of the most beautiful squares in the world, which is called the pearl of Central Asia), Gur Emir (Tamerlane family vault).

Bukhara: Route passes along the street of Nakshbandi through the very heart of ancient Bukhara. 


Official JERSEYjersey-2014  Sizes table

The entry fee includes: 

  • Water (Nestle, AquaLife) along the route.
  • Acknowledgement in the Audax Club Parisien (sent by mail);
  • Official medal of Audax Club Parisien (sent by mail);
  • Bagdrop (delivering of personal stuff up to the volume of 30L to the CP);
  • Maintenance at the CP (Djizzak, Samarkand, Karshi, Bukhara, Navoi), not including the replacement of spare parts of the bicycle;
  • CP - Okoltyn ( hot food, cold food);
  • CP - Djizzak ( hot food, cold food)x2;
  • CP - Samarkand (sleep, hot food, cold food, shower)x2;
  • CP - Bukhara (sleep, food, hot food, cold food, shower);
  • CP - Navoi (sleep, hot food, cold food)x 2;
  • a set of documents, explaining the functioning of the "SILK ROUTE" 2014 (routing sheet, the road book for your notes at checkpoints, bicycle frame №, sealed road bag for road book and card);




Weather conditions in October are favorable for a marathon holding. The average temperature during the day is 20-25 C, and 5-10 C at night. Precipitations are extremely rare.

Those, wishing to take part in a cycling marathon 1200 "SILK ROUTE", should fill in the application form.


results 2012
1 Sokolskiy Valeriy  Russian Federation 81:28
2 Kutsenko Ievgen Ukraine 83:05
3 Volkov Oleg Russian Federation 83:05
4 Stal`bovskiy Petr Russian Federation-Uzbekistan 84:14
5 Tarabrin Dmitriy Uzbekistan 85:09
6 Gabidullin Rinat Russian Federation 85:09
7 Stefan Landtau German 85:50
8 Stefan Pittelkow German 85:52
9 Obliyarov Jamshid Uzbekistan 89:59
10 Ivo Miesen NL -------
11 Striedieck Hanno Germany -------
12 Czycholl Claus German -------
13 Sulemin Rafhat Uzbekistan -------
14 ROZELLE, Paul United States of America -------
15 Robert Gray British -------